Tattoo Artist in Boonton

Growing up in Newark, NJ shaped my true passion as an artist, specifically Graffiti art. In 2002, I enlisted in the US Army Infantry Unit with hopes to acquire money for college in order to sustain my goals of being an artist. A buddy of mine suggested I should start tattooing because I was good at drawing. I took that idea and ran with it; I began tattooing my Army buddies. The idea of these guys giving me the opportunity to re-design their body was a feeling of euphoria. It was then that I realized what an awesome responsibility and honor it was to tattoo. Initially, I self-taught the profession; no much later I became an apprentice at a Tattoo shop in Texas where I was stationed. Going to conventions and networking with other artist in the industry helped accelerate my tattooing endeavors here in Boonton.

I pretty much dabble in anything I feel that I can execute. My specialties are Polynesian Tribal, Japanese and American Traditional custom tattoo designs, Typography and tattoo Cover-ups.




(973) 794-4888

608 Main St, Boonton, NJ 07005, USA

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